Social Equity Provocateur

What is Social Equity?

Unlike the broad sense that has recently developed the term into a civil initiative of equal rights and access for isolated groups:

Social Equity is that intangible asset of human potential which increases in value to the extent that we develop character and integrity in our daily interactions with society.

SOCIAL is relating to and being connected with others in your family, community, and municipal government with involvement in how it is organized, and the way in which these groups behave and interact for the benefit of all.

EQUITY is the value paid in fairness and integrity, justice tempered by ethics, a fair claim, and modification of common laws suited for all.

Just as “home equity” is the market value of a homeowner’s financial interest paid into their real property; “Social Equity” can be viewed as the social value of an individual’s integral interest paid into the affairs of their family and their community.  This value is determined by their actions, treatment of others and a general evenhanded character tempered by impartiality based on the principles of ethics and fair play which is an asset to self and the community in which one lives.

The Foundation of Social Equity is Personal Equity

Assets minus liability equal equity.   We apply this concept to our homes, businesses, and our finances; but what if we applied this same concept to our personal and social development?

If our personal assets are our mind, body, and the way we conduct ourselves, then our liabilities would be lack of awareness, poor health and a disregard for others which will inevitably lead to a narrowed mind, an infirm body, and a bad reputation.


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