Certified Vision Board Coach

My Personal Vision Board

I’d like to share the extraordinary experience of my personal vision board taking on a life of its own and literally leaving my house to fulfill my vision.

My vision board traveled from Pennsylvania, to Florida, to New York, to Los Angeles to create this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the exceptional New HarperCollins book by Joyce Schwarz:

“The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life.”


My vision board literally took flight with my desires; whisking away to the coast of Florida, into an article by a reporter from the St. Petersburg Times who visited Scranton during President-Elect Obama’s Pennsylvania campaign and was given my name; then swirling along all the way to the west coast tapping author Joyce Schwarz on the shoulder, who was immediately inspired to call me because she just so happened to be writing a book on vision boards. When I got home and checked my messages finding that she had called; a bolt of energy surged through my body as I listened to her request to include my vision board in her book. Subsequently, my actual board immediately took physical flight to New York for a photo shoot, then traveled on to Del Marino, California to meet the author who held the secret to an extraordinary life before returning back to me; requiring that I take action.

The Vision Board Book & Page 143

There is POWER in the VISION BOARD! Once you ACTIVATE that power, Be Prepared for the miracles that will unfold in your life!

Do you have a Vision Board? Would you like to know how to Activate your Vision Board? Do you want to know how to create a powerful Vision Board?

Contact me to arrange a Vision Board Workshop for your group! MsMelanian@gmail.com


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