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Imagine the tremendous benefit for your business or organization if at the end of every speech, I take a few moments to talk about you to my audience and let them know about your services, to ask for a donation on your behalf, to support your business/buy your product, or to inspire them to a call to action for your cause.

At every speaking engagement I will provide a brochure for each person in the audience.  The brochure will have my information and involvements, but most importantly it will have information on my sponsoring partners.  Before I leave the podium, I will refer the audience to take a look into the brochure, bring awareness to specific organizations and businesses, and call them to actions such as getting involved in something greater than themselves by supporting the sponsors in the brochure, highlighting of course, how these partnerships help make it possible for me to reach them.

If I have learned only one thing in my 19 years of service to my community, it is the value of supporting the work of others.   “The best way to Social Equity is by doing for others, that which you want done for yourself.” 

So here I am, committed to Empowering Women and SIGs (Socially Insolvent Groups) and in need of financial support to cover developmental expenses and provide the necessary materials to reach audiences across the country affordably; and here you are, able to help make it happen.

Just like I am inspiring you to take action to support me; I will inspire my audiences to take action to support you!

Because I can only commit about 3 to 5 minutes at the end of a speech I am limited to a “first-come-first-serve basis” on the highest level; and since this is the initial start of my Empowerment Speaking circuit, my prices are extremely low and very lucrative for my initial partners in an effort to build my support base.

I thank you for taking the time to consider this partnership and please know it would be an honor and tremendous encouragement to have you believe in me with any level of support listed below.


$25.00 = Name of Organization, Contact person/phone/email, website address in brochure and on Empress of Empowerment website.  (Maximum 2 lines)

$50.00 = Quarter page organization logo with all the above.

$75.00 = Half page organization Ad with logo, Contact person/phone/email, website address in brochure and on listing with link to your website on Empress of Empowerment website.

$150.00 = Full page organization Ad with logo, Contact person/phone/email, website address in brochure and on listing with link to your website on Empress of Empowerment website, and a moment at the end of my speech to bring awareness about your organization to my audience.  This may include, whenever appropriate and approved, a call to action either to join now, sign up to volunteer, attend your event, or write a donation check to your organization on the spot.  (Please note that every engagement may not have the appropriate audience for solicitations)

The above prices are for one full year of promotion at my speaking engagements or a minimum of 12 engagements (if it takes more than one year).  The brochure is 5.5” x 8.5”  Listing on my website will be posted immediately following receipt of payment.  Inclusion in the brochure will be added for the next printing prior to an engagement. (each print run is not more than the requirements for a specific event)

Disclaimers:  I do not partner with organizations that promote or reject abortion, birth control, pregnancy issues, illegal drug moderation programs, religious specific or non-inclusive organizations. 

Please note there may be occasions that I will not be allowed to promote other organizations or not have sufficient time to do so such as in an address under 15 minutes.


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